About us

Poland has had its place on the map of Europe, with a short interval, for over 1000 years. From the very beginning its ties with other European countries were very strong. One of the links between Polish state and Western Europe was Hanseatic League a very powerful organization in Middle Ages. The League provided ground to develop close commercial and cultural exchange between Poland and The Netherlands.

The main goal of our Foundation is to promote Polish culture in the Netherlands, raising cultural bridges between two countries as well as promoting Polish language and supporting any art or culture activities related to Poland.


The Polish Culture Foundation consists of a Board and a Supervisory Board. The members are all, in their own way, involved in both the cultural sector and Poland.

Supervisory Board

Miriam Bestebreurtje – Chairman

Igno van Waesberghe

Krzysztof Apt

Managment Board

Bożena Kopczyńska – Chairperson

Hans Kardol – Secretary

Ewa Kedzierska – Treasurer

Jan Lepeltak

The partner of our activities is the Central Library in Amsterdam (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam – OBA Oosterdok). The main project carried out by OBA is the ‘House of all Languages’ and cultures – a centre for sharing knowledge and working together.

Our organisation has received funding from the Chancellery of the Council of Ministers as part of the Polonia and Poles Abroad 2022 competition.

As a result of our partnership with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK – Polish State Development Bank) we are able to enhance our presence on social media and create an audio-visual representation.

Support us

Make a donation to Polish Culture NL.

Polish culture is extremely diverse and an integral part of European civilization. Unfortunately, it is little known in the Netherlands. The aim of the Foundation is to build cultural bridges between our countries. The Foundation operates on a voluntary basis and does not receive any structural subsidies for our activities. Please make a donation to the account of the Foundation:
NL 03 INGB 0007 8031 31

Graphic designer Basia Knobloch (BasiaOntwerpt.nl) has been cooperating with us since the launch of the Foundation. Basia has designed the visual identity of the Foundation and the website. She also designs visual images for projects of Polish Culture NL.