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Chopin in Europe

Chopin in Europe

First event: “A Different Portrait of Chopin”2021 will see another edition of an International Chopin Piano Competition, postponed from 2020 due to Covid pandemic. It is one of the longest established piano concerts in the world and one of very few where participants can play only Chopin’s music. It is a very prestigious event in Polish cultural calendar but sadly not very well known in the Netherlands. Our intention is to organize life streaming or retransmissions from competition concerts accessible to the public in OBA buildings in Amsterdam.
First edition of that event will also present Chopin’s life and music, the history of the competition and some of its winners. It will also try to explain the phenomenon of competition’s popularity in the world. It will consist of two parts – classical concert of Chopin’s music followed by a presentation how his compositions can inspire jazz improvisations.
“Weekend with Chopin” – a lecture and a concert presenting facts and masterpieces of this great romantic composer was originally planned for November 2020 but had to be moved to next year instead.