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Remarkable Polish Women

Remarkable Polish Women

‘’REMARKABLE POLISH WOMEN” is a series of events taking place in March each year.
Its first edition is planned for March 2021, titled “Maria Szymanowska the unknown woman”, dedicated to an outstanding musician who gained financial independence and earned her living 200 years ago working as a pianist and a composer. Her international career was very successful and Ms Szymanowska played concerts all over Europe. Moreover, she found herself in an elite group of musicians who played in concert halls. The buildings themselves were a great novelty at the beginning of 19th century and only limited group of avantguarde artists were invited to perform there. She was the first woman to give concerts in Felix Meritis, which was the main music hall in Amsterdam until late into 19th century when Concertgebouw opened its doors. Maria died young and sadly got almost completely forgotten. We decided to change that and tell her story.
March 2022 – we will present life and work of Ewa Demarczyk – one of the most charismatic artists and singers, unique personality with very powerful expression and interpretation skills.
March 2023 – is reserved for Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Polish scientist who was awarded twice with Nobel’s prize in physics. She might need less introduction than the other two ladies but many interesting facts from her fascinating life remain largely unknown.